Too much God?

Just writing that title made me uncomfortable.  Why?  Because I could never have too much of God in and on my life.  I haven’t blogged in awhile and it’s not beacause I have nothing to say…it’s because I just don’t know where to begin.  At every turn Gods faithfulness has been there.  At every turn, His convicting power leads me to see my error and turn in His direction.  At every turn He is forgiving me and calling me to himself.  I don’t have enough breath to speak His praise.  Just when I feel overwhelmed by the gray, the clouds part and show a beam of light.  I am reminded of Him.  Why can’t I live in that place?  I wrote a song recently about the fact that there is no rain in heaven.  No stormclouds…no burdens, no cares.  If I live in His presence, I can live there.  The chorus cries my desire “Let my mind go there, where God is on the throne, let my heart hear the calm He’s orchestrating for my soul.  He invites me there!”

Let’s go rest in His presence.

4 thoughts on “Too much God?

  1. Sonya,
    What a blessing to read. When do I get to hear the song?
    Our few days with you were indeed eye opening to say the least.
    Our prayers for you are so much more complex now that we see what is going on. We love you lots.



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