Your Bootcamp


David said today as we watched the ceremonies at Fort Leonard Wood “I would pay money to watch you go through Marine boot camp”. Yeah, I admit I’m sure it would be quite comical.

I told Dakota (nephew that just finished military police school) that I imagine it is quite the gift to know yourself and your limits in this way. It is the standard by which other hurdles in life will be measured. And then I realized that I/we all have those measurements. It may not be boot camp, but our struggles and overcoming victories give us context and strength, belief and absolute courage. You know the battles- the ones that just crossed your mind. The relationship pain, the hurt, the betrayal, your health, the disappointment, the recovery, the heartache, the loss…they have taught you that you you’re a survivor.

At the Marine Military Graduation we attended today, we were privileged to hear Commanding Officer Colonel George W. Markert V as guest speaker. His charge to the marines (but applicable to us all)-

1. Be tough and work hard. (the weather, your mood, family and circumstances will give opportunity for you to live out COURAGE).

2. Have fun and maintain a good sense of humor. (Your ETHOS should motivate people around you, not the other way around)


He said at the end, “Recognize and count the small victories”


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