Burning Dreams


It’s late. but I’m up thinking. I say to myself, “Go to Bed, Sonya”. But I didn’t listen. I have this need to put pen to paper for this truth. It’s never too early or late in life to dream.

It is ALWAYS a gift. A dreamer is not “less than” nor a phase to get through. Not juvenile. Not immature. Not defiant.

Dreaming is sustenance, maturity, intuitiveness, strength, boldness, hope, courage, guidance, peace and so much joy. It is A WAY OF LIFE; a lifeline and a compass.

Fall 1980-something I sat by the bonfire at teen camp singing kumbaya songs and listening to a preacher impart “wisdom”. I remember being asked to write on a Popsicle stick the things I desired and wanted in life? I wrote. And then the real question was asked: Would I “give up” all of that for GOD? Would I surrender? The fire crackled. I remember feeling emotional and I threw my stick in the flame and watched it burn. I wanted so badly to be good with God. I wanted to do the right thing. I wanted to “make God happy”.

It’s so foreign to me now because I don’t live in fear. (living from a place of acceptance has taken years). But I don’t make decisions in worried consternation, hoping for approval. I realize now that jealous lovers (and fearful people) make these kinds of ultimatums, not God, the giver of dreams. In essence, I’ve grown up enough to dream again.

It’s quite paradoxical because now I’m 50 years old reaching my hand in the fire to grab my Popsicle stick. I’m not doing it out of defiance but out of obedience and surety. I’m etching the words back on; words I believe the maker of the universe whispered to me in my mother’s womb. The words are Ancient. Steady, Focused. Secure. Passionate. Honoring. Zealous

I’m convinced we are most divine when we are once again childlike, dreaming and believing. 

Romans 15:13  Now the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace in believing, that ye may abound in hope, through the power of the Holy Ghost.

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  1. Linda McDonald says:

    Sonya that was something I at this exact moment needed in my thoughts to deter some discouragement. That was words of beauty and strength. Thank you.

    1. sonyathompson says:

      Linda, I could not be more thankful to hear that you are encouraged. I’m praying for you and your health, dear lady!

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