50 shades of SILVER

So, I’m doing a thing. I call this thing  my “VALOR HAIR-50 shades SILVER. Yep, I’m embracing the situation of my hair being gray/white and everything in between. It’s a tad tricky since the ends of my hair are blonde and the top of my hair is various (50) shades of silver, gray and white. I guess it’s easier than having very dark hair, but still, I’m in transition. It’s been 5 months of no coloring. And I’ve encountered a few surprises. I definitely have more color underneath than I thought I had. And the top is more white than I thought.No wonder the blonde box color I used to put on my head turned out whiter and lighter on top. My natural hair was white, so it makes sense now.

I’ve put highlight, bleach or color on my hair since I was about 15 years old. I’m 50 now. So 35 years of a routine is pretty dang long time, right!?!?!

While it sounds more noble to say I’m doing it to ditch the toxins of hair color, that’s really not my primary motivation. (It could be. Maybe one day it will be? I don’t know)

BUT …A few lifetimes ago when I became pregnant, I remember making a “stand” in my own little way. I decided that pregnancy should “look” as enchanting and miraculous as it is and that I would embody this value. I decided I would not bemoan my body. I would not “eat for two” and throw caution to the wind in my health routine. I would not waddle…and I would wear heels if I so desired. I’m a shoe person. LOL I would not live and look as if being pregnant was akin to being a victim.

I think I was reacting to a fear that I would “lose” myself; that I would let motherhood overtake my womanhood. Instead I wanted MY womanhood to encompass motherhood; to give dignity to this place; to give dignity to this new life. Maybe it doesn’t make sense, but it did to me. The point is that I was following a guidance FOR ME. I’m sure I failed at times, but this vision propelled me to live consciously toward my value.  And I did wear my heels, 😉 (And for the record, I have no judgment toward the “waddlers”, but it just wan’t my cup of tea!)  😉

And now here I am  in another crossroad. I’m a middle aged woman in menopause having similar ideas. I know what I want to retain of myself while I age. I know that I do not want to live as if aging is an excuse for my lack of life. If I want it, I am pursuing it.

I desire to care so much for my body soul and spirit that I know EXACTLY where to put my energy. I own my personal power. My security is not out to others for debate. And somehow in the midst of this epiphany I knew I would embrace this white head of mine. I’m an artist, so I don’t know if I am forever embracing white. I might just decide one day I will try another daring color, but for now,

I will embody the dignity of an aging women as gracefully as I am able.

I will empower listening to my body, soul and spirit.

I will encourage acceptance of myself; owning my own intrinsic value.

I will acknowledge and celebrate the beauty of my body.

I will commit to the joys of being feminine.

And on this topic, I am using the VALOR essential oil blend on my 50 shades of gray hair, because the blue tansy makes the blonde a little whiter and who doesn’t need a “courage bomb”? in the aging process.  And I am heading for SILVER rank in my company, so it feels rather serendipitous!

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  1. Linda McDonald says:

    Sonya I just embrace you. I embrace who you are which is true to yourself. I am struggling with wrinkles, rooster chin and now teeth. Sonya I want to feel safe in my skin, happy in it, content to grow older. I feel totally opposite of my desires. Please how do you stay so positive? Linda

    1. sonyathompson says:

      Oh, sweet Linda. I think we all have our list of “things” that come up when we compare to youth. Thankfully true beauty lives far beyond age, right? The way we grow and expand in our love for life and others…that’s true beauty. It can never be taken from us. You have those piercing blue sparkly eyes that hold so much wonder and love. I hope you feel adored beautiful because you ARE. I am so proud to call you friend! <3

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