The Ozarks & Big Cedar Lodge

We stayed at Big Cedar Lodge in Ridgedale, MO for the last few days, celebrating our 29th Anniversary. It was just gorgeous, even in the rain. It made me curious about Johnny Morris. (Most people know him as the owner of Bass Pro Shops). But he is the owner and visionary of Big Cedar Lodge and Top of the Rock “experience”. He has an obvious vision and passion to highlight the glorious-ness of nature, while also being a gifted visionary architect.
A striking visual at Top of the Rock is the recreation of James Earle Fraser’s “End of the Trail” sculpture featuring an Indian who is slumped upon his tired horse, signifying the weariness the Native Americans felt after much battling led to the forfeit of their land. The sculpture is just a place holder—a bronze sculpture is being made.
While enjoying the view of the lake you can’t help but marvel at the chapel of the Ozarks in the distance. Something about it was ethereal. Man’s struggle and God’s love combined in display. It made me feel like having a good cry.
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