Contemplation is not a waste of time. Taking the time to ask yourself the hard questions, like, “what does my heart desire?” …is worthy. Sometimes the clarity comes in our silence, don’t you think?
Prayer and meditation are not afterthoughts, but intentional catalysts of all that is good and light. I believe that spiritually we know some things that we have not consciously declared. And the interchange and understanding comes in these silent inner dialogues.

I remember both heart-longing and thankfulness while watching this sunset.
It’s not odd for me to experience longing and thankfulness simultaneously. They are kindred spirits that come hand in hand to me when I’m tapped into the joy of what is and the hope of what is to come.

In the distance you’ll notice the boardwalk—broken and barely upright. A hurricane had just come through and devastating effects were still present. It is a perfect representation because no matter the season of life, there will always be hardship. But …there is always hope. Learning to swim in one while experiencing the other makes all the difference.
We get to choose the soul questions. We are constantly offered opportunity to look for the #beautynearme

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