Black Spruce Speaks


I am here now, here to fulfill my mission as told by the ancient people. No One would hear me; but after thousands of years, I have been released to do what I was created to do for the children of this world.

The ancient people call me ‘Black Spruce of the Northern Lights’ because my branches touch the dancing colors in the sky, intertwining Mother Earth’s strength with the mysteries of the heavens. I bring light to the darkness if the mind, release spiritual blockages, and free the bondages that some humans call emotions, which can lead to the deterioration of life. I live in an extremely harsh environment, with challenging growing conditions, climate changes that drop 80*F below zero, and howling winds with a wind chill of up to minus 120*F.

Summer temperatures reach 90* F, with long daylight hours that never see darkness in some areas of the northern hemisphere in dramatic contrast to the short daylight hours in the winter that don’t see the sun for weeks at a time. I live with the extremes of Mother Earth so I can deal with the extremes of humankind. I am one if the least explored by modern man because I am looked upon as dwarfed and ugly. I am considered a nonproductive scrub tree with no value, but I can help others find their value when they are dwarfed emotionally.

Wild animals do not sleep beneath me because my habitat is so uncomfortable, and my skinny branches offer no shelter from the freezing wind and snow. Yet as they gather around me, they feel the heart I generate that increases circulation and body temperature. I am not her to be a shelter or protection or a crutch to bear the burdens of the world. I am here to give strength that teaches self-reliance, which helps all creatures become secure, as am I.

I am here to help the human race build a relationship with the Creator, not looking to the Creator as the protector but to understand that He made all living things to have power to be strong, adding purpose to creation, not taking energy bit giving it back.

Humans are co-creator with the Master of the universe and mist come to understand their God-given power over all the elements, as He gave to me; to own their greatness; and to become what they were created to be. My roots can attach to anything, and never be blow over because I am so strong. My molecules bring strength to the human core, to feel grounded, and to never be defeated by the problems they encounter. Man must be able to adjust and adapt. This is what keeps me alive and will help humans find success as they partner with the Great Spirit in their journey of life.

Hold and cherish my essence. Let it help you grow, learn, and explore your God-given potential to know who you are and have the power within you to change the world, with just your thoughts and to be a living example of your creation.

The ancients treasured our sister White Spruce, which will soon come to teach another dimension of truth and knowledge. Be ready, for she works fast and is not as patient as her brother. I work more on the physical, but she works on the spiritual to help you become independent in preparing you for your partnership withe the Great Spirit.

Our brother Blue Spruce is universal and grows in many different regions of the world. Our earthly powers work well together to help you find balance as you seek your higher potential in your journey through life.

The ancient people of the North look down and give thanks that we have joined together with the Great Spirit for the support and well-being of His people and Mother Earth.


The Lakota Indians used black spruce to strengthen their ability to communicate with The Great Spirit. Traditionally it was believed to possess the frequency of prosperity.


I am enjoying the power and beauty of this essential oil. It is grounding and brings a sense of balance.

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