Fast-moving clouds
sweeping past our hearts
can you take from us this poison dart?

take it with you up and away                                                                                                           to “someone else”; to another day

the inky sky whispers “wait”-
so in our sleepless night we ache

we dream that we are free at last
and on “someone else” this curse is cast

the fear roars out a gruesome tale
but those eyes, they’re hollow, weak & frail

our inner light that LOVES so fierce
takes this black arrow’s pierce

and all at once we know what’s true-                                                                                              that “someone else” is “us” & “you”

TOGETHER we gasp and witness the dark
return to LIGHT with love’s pure spark

so many mysteries are hidden deep
but love emerges in each other’s keep

#together #light #someoneelse #darkness #beautynearme #covid19hope #loveoverfear #loveandlight #frequency #youcantstoplove #lovewins #meditation #prayer #lovethyneighbor #mrrogers #loveisaverb #beautynearme

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