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What if You Lived in an RV?

Have you ever thought about living on wheels? I’m surprised at the amount of people who tell me they want to do what we’re doing—live in an RV. I would say over 50%  of the people I talk to say “I’ve always wanted to do that”. The other 50% are shaking their heads saying “I could NEVER do that”.  LOL

My husband and I just celebrated two years of living in an RV. I thought I’d give a little update on the pros and cons. (I might add that we are not retired).

I’ll give the CONS first:

  1. Finding a place to park your RV is NOT simple. If you park somewhere for months at a time you must be tuned into a few KEY elements—sewer, electricity, water source, internet options. There are RV parks out there, but they are pricey.
  2. It’s not always “cheaper” to live in an RV. Not having a full time permanent residence does not always mean it’s more economical. Whether you are parked or traveling, costs add up.
  3.  Upkeep is still a consideration. Parts break. Hot water heaters have issues. Engines need attention. RV roofs can leak. You get the idea. You are still maintaining a “residence” of sorts, just a smaller, different kind.
  4. Weather. It’s a big deal. Let’s just say you are MORE vulnerable to whatever weather you are in while living in an RV. If its cold outside, well, you will be dealing with cold. If it’s hot, you better hope that AC is a rockstar!
  5. Laundromats. No explanation necessary.
  6. Not a lot of space for overnight guests.  Our kids have stayed with us from time to time. It’s doable, but not ideal longterm.

Now onto the fun stuff- PROS:

  1. Retirement is not mandatory for RV living. If your job is flexible on “where” you work, then RV living gives travel/adventure options alongside your vocation. It’s a way to see and experience new places.
  2. The ability to spend time with people you care about. Being in an RV gives you more options.
  3. Simplicity. Less is more. Truly. I thought I would miss “things”. I don’t. (I do miss my big bathtub, just sayin’), but there is a lot of satisfaction in a more simplistic daily routine.
  4. Quick clean-ups. If things get crazy and messy, it only takes a few minutes to get the RV back on track and sparkling.
  5. “Adventure” can be more than a slogan on facebook and instagram. It can be my way of life.

RV living isn’t for everyone. Or it may be an option for a season of life. It has been a good experience for us. The flexibilities have been worth the inconveniences.

Do you have an “adventure ideal”? My ideal is to own land in several of my favorite places and spend the year in the RV in these various spots. I plan for each RV spot to have a “porch” (with a swing). I do believe the best of two worlds can collide.

Happy RVing #beautynearme

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The Current Pony Express

pony expressThe Pony Express holds my fascination. 2,000 miles, 80 horse riders, 500 horses, for the sake of faster communication.

It served quite a purpose for the few years before the telegraph. The list of communication through history lands with our ability to skype, facetime, text, facebook…which has me thinking about the benefits of such technology.


Faces of family and friends draw us in; that, and the royal blue banner that resembles a postman coming to our door

We enter into other worlds, read hearts and minds, laugh, cry

We often”will” our words to morph into a hug to someone having a sunless day

We scroll and see the highs and lows, the silly and the sad

And at times it feels so strange, to feel the mix of the jovial tumbling amongst the bereaved

But this lesson is the one that reminds us– life is bigger than any one moment

Cheers, laughs, excitement and tears all spill out from the keyboard and into the heart of others

Quite miraculous. Who’s to say?

maybe these messages and “touches” have forged like the Colorado River in the Grand Canyon.

…beauty into once barren, forgotten places

This beautiful letter; this “paper”, doused with ink; covered with the ramblings and thoughts that are so cherished…

is carried by the fastest pony express ever imagined

Any carrier of a message that spills grace and love among us, is special in my estimation