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The Dry Shampoo You Want To TRY


Are you into the magic of dry shampoo? Yeah. It’s amazing. BUT, I’m not into chemicals that are in those sprays (I don’t need more hormone disrupt-ers?!?!) do ya feel me?!?!
So, I have a solution!!!! All natural dry shampoo. Mix:
1/4 c cornstarch
1 Tbs baking soda
2 drops ylang ylang
2 drops purification
2 drops dragon time
2 drops jasmine

Now you’re ready for fabulous feeling hair and your hormones are happier!!!
Note: if you have dark hair, you can add cocoa to make it match. My white head didn’t need that 😜


Need to get some of those oils? Read about them HERE

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How to Expand Your Wardrobe Color Selections

Most people have a warm skin tone or a cool skin tone. This means certain colors will look best on you. We tend to find ourselves wearing the same colors a lot! But what if we want to break into a color tone/family that really isn’t our “go-to” color? Is there a way to do it? Yes. There certainly is a way! Here’s an example.

Take a look at the color wheel:


You may wonder if your skin has cool tones, how you can “Pull Off” wearing warm colors?” Me too. Here’s a tip

Instead of thinking either/or, think compliment/expand.

For example, as you can see on the color wheel, a blue tone will look fabulous opposite a warm Orange. On the color wheel, they are complimentary (opposite each other). Similar to the idea that opposites attract, color combos that are opposite, highlight the hue.


So if I’m wearing burgundy-ish plum, gray and black (cool hue) sweater with cool (bluish) undertones (as seen above), how can I incorporate a color with warm (yellowish) undertones? Take a look at the color wheel for ideas. I paired this cool sweater with warm golden brown and black pants and a warm golden brown scarf. (This golden hue is on the warm side of the wheel). Note that the color doesn’t have to be completely opposite for it to “work”, but that is a great place to start playing around with color combos. This allows you to expand your look. You will probably not go ALL warm if you are cool toned, but you can definitely incorporate warm tones as your complimentary color.

When you add a little of the opposite tone, it allows you to expand your accessories as well. Sometimes you can then mix gold and silver jewelry. You may even be able to wear more golden hues in your eye makeup. It works. Why? Because adding a complimentary shade opens up your options.

Let me know what “opposite color” you have added or would like to add. Happy Fall!


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Mascara Tip for Longer Lashes

Do you remember when you started wearing mascara? This was a “game-changer” for me and my blonde lashes. LOL. Mascara can make a dramatic difference between blonde and brown/black lashes. But after after a few years, I began applying quickly by memory, never giving this routine much thought.

Here’s a tip that involves just a slight adjustment in how you move the wand, but  it gives dramatic results. To begin, load up your mascara wand. Now instead of following your lashes in the direction they naturally grow, like, this-


Let’s move that wand. This time, when you get midway up your lashes, pull your wand (gently but firmly) toward your nose. You’re “guiding” your lashes to the center of your face, …like this


and this action makes them more likely to “stand up“. Hello.  Yep. This makes your lashes seem longer and your eyes larger.  It’s a game-changer.


Happy mascara-ing!

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