Do you remember when you started wearing mascara? This was a “game-changer” for me and my blonde lashes. LOL. Mascara can make a dramatic difference between blonde and brown/black lashes. But after after a few years, I began applying quickly by memory, never giving this routine much thought.

Here’s a tip that involves just a slight adjustment in how you move the wand, but  it gives dramatic results. To begin, load up your mascara wand. Now instead of following your lashes in the direction they naturally grow, like, this-


Let’s move that wand. This time, when you get midway up your lashes, pull your wand (gently but firmly) toward your nose. You’re “guiding” your lashes to the center of your face, …like this


and this action makes them more likely to “stand up“. Hello.  Yep. This makes your lashes seem longer and your eyes larger.  It’s a game-changer.


Happy mascara-ing!

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