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What is YOUR frequency?

Maybe I’m a nerd at heart. I’m so fascinated (somewhat obsessed) with learning about frequencies. 🌞💫🔥 It all began with my Lyme disease battle and using the RIFE (energy frequencies) treatment that obliterated the Lyme bacteria.
You see, EVERYTHING in the universe is made of energy that vibrates at different frequency levels. Even seemingly solid objects like a rock, a glass, bacteria and even our physical body is now understood by scientists to be made up of constantly moving energy that is organized by waveforms and frequencies. Even further investigation shows that each body system resonates optimally at 55MHz or higher.
The rate of frequency we (or an object) vibrates is called our vibration.The human body resonates at a frequency of 62-78 MHz. The natural state of being is high vibration… But factors like negative thoughts, processed foods, and environmental toxins cause vibration to drop.
Hmmmm, this begs the question, “how can I RAISE my frequency?” And the answer is one you probably already know. It’s laughter, fresh air, prayer & meditation, positive thoughts, being in nature, eating plants, using essential oils from plants. All of these raise frequency. Plants are designed to interact with our bodies to stabilize and support. Essential oils are POWERFUL tools to raise the frequency of our body. 
It’s no wonder I feel a physical energy boost; a balance of emotional support when I put a drop of rose oil on my heart.(And I do it every day).  It’s the highest frequency at 320 MHz! Essential oils balance the body, awaken the mind, and enlighten the spirit! They also create an environment in the body where bacteria, viruses, fungus and diseases cannot survive! It’s the reason I also use supplements infused with the highest quality essential oils. Herbs, vitamins and mineral that are formulated with essential oils are received much easier in the body. Our body knows the plant source. 
I love having options to raise my frequency. Energy begets energy. Essential oils are part of my every day health routine. 
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Health Challenges & Dandelion’s Shadow

dandelion shadow

Even the dandelion’s shadow is amazing, don’t you think? But it isn’t a substance you can touch or feel, but a visual representation of the real.

The shadow causes me to look again at the flower, to see minute details I missed at first glance.

Shadows, like feelings can be magical and beautiful,  or sinister and ominous. The feelings that have accompanied this health crisis have shaken me, but also guided me to look for the SUBSTANCE that is casting this shadow. I wonder if in this confrontation, I am becoming more healthy in the way I think and the way I process.  Three truths have surfaced:

  1. We have a relationship with our body. I FEEL that my body is betraying me. This is a shadow. It SEEMS that I cannot trust my body. (so ominous). I woke Saturday morning with a clarity and a challenge. I am being called to change what I believe. I am now accepting this truth- my body is trying to RIGHT itself. It is pursuing balance. I am CHOOSING to believe that these issues (while extremely painful) are allowing me to understand something crucial about what MY body needs, thus allowing me to choose in an enlightened way. What if in this knowledge, I am fueling my body with what it needs to fight an even bigger demon? What if this is FOR me? That is what I’m choosing to accept, knowing my body was created to heal itself. I choose to trust that my body is doing something marvelous. This is in essence, choosing GRATITUDE.
  2. We are intertwined. Our body is not disconnected from our spiritual and mental lives. Our spiritual and mental states affect our body and vice versa. I do not say this lightly. We all know it to be true (ask the cardiologist about the stress factor), but when in a physical challenge, believing this truth can feel incriminating. I am not perpetuating that we wallow in guilt and blame, but I am considering this an opportunity to be open to let this “body challenge” teach me in my spiritual, emotional and mental attitudes.  How can I think more WHOLLY? How can I trust more FULLY? How can I love more DEEPLY?
  3. The identity that I accept, matters. All of us have been “defined” in a neat little box by someone, somewhere in our past. Depending on our family of origin and who we were compared to, we were “identified” in categories. This happens, initially, so innocently. Maybe you have been identified in comparison to your siblings, or community, or giftedness, or ineptness. The problem is that “comparison identification” is an ENEMY. Who are you created to BE? What are your PASSIONS? GIFTS? CALLINGS? PURPOSE? This is the digging that we must do as adults. These are the things that we must let identify us….NOT a “weak” body, NOT a “bad decision” as a teenager, NOT our “failures”!!!!! What is said about us by others is not our identity. Most recently I realize I will not, I must not, accept my body’s perceived weaknesses as part of my identity. What label should you reject?

Like anyone who’s life has been rocked, I am looking for equilibrium. I don’t know all of the “whys” and “hows” of this situation but I’m always looking for the light and love, growth and joy, even in the shadows.


I wrote this and have waited a few days to publish. Yesterday (5.10) my friend Bethany Crawford compiled and sent a video of some of my friends sending affirmations to me. It was life-altering, divine, needed and accepted with gratitude. I wish to give this gift of love to everyone I know. It has inspired me to carry these truth-thoughts with me, and then to give liberally the affirmations I see in others.

There is beauty in the flower AND in the shadow.

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Let’s Journey Together

SunshineIf you know me well, you know I’ve battled some illness in my day.  I have studied and implemented different things at different times, all in an effort to be healthy.  No one can secure their future, but isn’t it nice to feel that you are doing your part, taking responsibility in the places that are presented to you? For some people that means getting to a healthy weight, giving your body what it needs nutritionally to change the way it holds onto fat.  For others it’s about stamina and raising the bar of physical challenges. And on and on we could go addressing the various needs.

I am so happy to join with partners who are so attentive,  intentional and empowering when it comes to health, with a vision to free people from physical and financial pain.  Isagenix has been a great catalyst for my own “next step”, physically, emotionally and financially. Gaining strength and muscle, while nutritionally cleansing is part of my life now. And the best part is that the way it makes me feel allows me to understand/remember what “feeling good” really is.  I love it.

Everyone needs to take a “next step”. Growing.  Learning together. We feed off of each other and the energy we can generate, trade and create.  It’s beautiful synergy.  Together we celebrate the pressing struggles and consequent victories of overcoming. Most of all we need to know that with the right tools and coaching, we can take a step.

~And that’s all that happens in the space of time that the sun makes it’s rotation around us. We have the opportunity to take ONE more step in the right direction.~ 

If you need accountability and tools to move forward, I’m here, learning right along with you. Let’s journey together.