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Where magic, mystery and divinity meet


For ever weary soul-
May the vision of a wave rolling in be a calming and invigorating force for the task ahead.
For every cluttered mind-
May the winds that take our hair up on end and toss it in directions unfamiliar be a clearing and cleaning of all things unnecessary for abundant living.
For all who are lonely-
May the stroll along the shore bring the power of loving and longing together like the form of a shell at our feet, symbolizing the grandeur of hope.
May the power and force, sound and rhythm be the cadence of newness; freshness; purpose for the path ahead. May every particle of sand symbolize deep and abundant love. May the patterns we see in the sand and water be reminders of the beauty of surrender.
May we take in the breath of this moment and share it with all we hold dear with hopes that even through our virtual connections we may feel the closeness of a hug, a tender smile and a shoulder to lay our head.
This is the magic, mystery, divinity of the ocean meeting the shore.

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Take-away’s from 2016

Take-away’s from 2016:


  1. My body is my friend. Believing good things are happening in me in the midst of feeling ill is faith. It is part of the path to healing, which involves the spirit as much as the body (‘You are the Placebo’ is a good book)
  2. There are amazing people in this world, spreading cheer, love and light all around. I found in my most vulnerable places, full of need, I could see them (feel them) more clearly.
  3. Food is so awesome.(especially Krispy Kreme doughnuts).  Yes, eating is nourishment but also an avenue for connection and pleasure. We eat for more reasons than just staying alive. It’s a beautiful need/want see-saw that vacillates between our body and spirit.
  4. Sometimes we have dreams… and then we must grow to accommodate them.
  5. Menopause is cruel. BUT, menopause shows us where we are most vulnerable, then asks us to be ok with that. All that is left is the strength and beauty that was always there, just hidden.
  6. I am strong. And so are you. We are strong
  7. Friends can make difficult places easier and easy places meaningful.
  8. I think I believe in mental telepathy, or a cousin to that.
  9. We can be surrounded by people and feel alone. We can be alone and not feel lonely.
  10. A baby’s entrance into this world grounds us here into the tangible but simultaneously elevates us into intangible worlds of divine magical mystery. (Thank you, angel Lennon.)
  11. Watching a toddler allows us to see again that what we witness every day is a miracle. (I love my sweet Moses.)
  12. We all desire validation. We must accept it as a gift from God. It was never meant to come from others.
  13. Spouses can/do change. Spouses can reveal us to us.
  14. Nothing/no one can destroy love.It DOES win
  15. No one can steal us, unless we let them.
  16. Sometimes old horses help us believe more deeply.
  17. Las Vegas is emotionally loud.
  18. Pursuing that which fuels the soul makes time irrelevant.
  19. Everyone is relevant
  20. Spanish Moss in the trees make everything seem heavenly
  21. Eating bread (from Ingrained Bakery) on a park bench with my parents is special.
  22. Ask myself “how do I want to feel?” It will answer the “what should I be doing” questions.
  23. We are all so very much alike.
  24. This too shall pass (even elections)
  25. “What if” questions should be asked more frequently
  26. Ask more questions to those we don’t understand.
  27. RV living is an adventure. (plan winter in a warm place)
  28. Sometimes we need a nice neighbor late at night.
  29. Seeing a newborn calf can make us want to live on a farm.
  30. Zip-lining is really fun. do it.
  31. The “most” ______person we know, could be our child. (Teachers and inspire-ers are not always before us chronologically 😉 (ie. Brooke, Jake, Josh, Jordan, Natalie, Eli, Bethany)
  32. We are never too old to try.Never.
  33. If we listen, we hear.
  34. Unfortunately, tans fade and wrinkles last. 😉
  35. Life changes can happen anywhere because change starts within us. (the secret life of change)
  36. Never underestimate a full moon. It can take our breath away.
  37. Maybe growing old can be more about the “growing” and less about the “old”.
  38. The sand, water, shells and sky consistently deliver mystery and stability.
  39. A country song in all of it’s simplicity can reveal our human complexity.
  40. What we know doesn’t make us better.
  41. Sometimes a year ends before we feel “ready”
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Mermaids and Purple Powers

After work I meandered down to the pool with a book.  It was just me and a mother with her three children.  I was pretty engrossed in my book when I overheard the kids.  The older brother and his two little sisters had been playing all sorts of games.  I was admiring their imagination.  Then the mom told big brother to leave the girls alone.  I’m not sure how he was bothering them but the girls went on merrily playing “mermaid” (I assume a game they made up). Maybe it was my mother’s heart, but I felt badly for the boy.  He was about 10 and there were no others to play with in the pool.  (no, I did not jump in to the rescue, but I wanted to).  The boy went closer to the girls and said with a question, “you don’t have an ice mermaid.”  “Yes we do”, the girls yelled emphatically.  “We have every kind of mermaid…any kind we want”.  Silence.  He was shut down.  The boy was offering himself as a mermaid and it still didn’t work.  A few minutes passed.  I could almost hear the boy’s brain at work as if they were splashes in the pool. He finally declared his other brilliant idea- “I could be a shark that that you have to avoid”.  Somehow this passed the test and they once again played, splashed and laughed.  Eventually everyone had a mission to find the “purple power”.  It sounded so fun. I was kind of thirsty at this point and imagined “purple power”  as a delicious raspberry, blueberry drink, icy cold and so refreshing.  I wished I could jump in and discover the mystery.  About an hour passed.  The littlest girl, about 6 years old said. “This is the most funnest day of my life”.  I smiled and looked across to the mom, wondering if she really savored those beautiful, dramatic words.

I left before they did, all the while re-living the imaginative world of the young.  What remarkable things could happen if we could keep these gifts among those we guard in our “mature” world.