Winter’s Way

I was taken with this little pond and the lone reed & flower that remains upright, yet hollow.  Winter had it’s way though I see beautiful tenacity & humility with the plant’s head bowed in thankfulness.


It’s seems so vulnerable to see the leaf release from the tree and at the mercy of the wind.  Do you ever feel like that? Like you’re a leaf that’s just been released from the tree, just swirling, vulnerable, journeying to someplace unknown? I’m so glad change doesn’t separate us from beauty. And even more…

Feel. Cry. Accept. Breathe. Be.

As I lay in bed nestled underneath the mountain of covers and listen to the rainfall- rhythmic and beautiful, constant and steady, I feel it soak into my emotional soul. The power and swell is larger than me. The process of drenching, filling and seeping as it comes into me and then the movement out of me is like a ritualistic,…

Autumn’s Lace

      Some life cycles are more easily understood than others The vibrancy of Spring’s palette sparks hope inside of us. We start our walks outside. We meander paths we haven’t taken before. It’s the season of courage. We notice the earth’s change; the yawn just before dawn. Tightly bound buds emerge almost overnight and the chartreuse green…

The Journey of Grief

I think I should say up front that I am not an expert on grieving.  This is a fictional story, but in my heart it was a reminder that we are all interconnected. We each have a part to play in the lives of each other.  We carry burdens, love, laugh and cry in seasons….