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I’m a Dream catcher, Life lover, Health pursuer, Beauty finder, Entrepreneur, Artist, Wife,  Mother, Grammy, Explorer,…

The discipline of seeing beauty changes me emotionally, physically & spiritually. Being a “beauty finder” enriches. It’s a way of life.

It’s not as physically demanding as it used to be, being the mother of five (ages 19 to 26), who have all “flown the coop”. I’ve had the joy of welcoming a son-in-law and daughter-in-law and now 2 grandbabies into my heart. I am rich beyond words. Yes, we have our issues and hurdles like the rest, but I think “beauty finding”, within & without is a worthy calling.

My husband and I are RV nomads now, spanning our time in MO, FL and CO. Talk about beauty?!?!  We enjoy the beautiful trails, mountain sunsets and open prairie in CO. We love spending time with the children and grands in MO. We lived in FL for the majority of our married life. (My parents are in the panhandle and my in-laws spend their winters in Land O’ Lakes). So yes, the beach is ALWAYS calling my name!

I believe in people and they represent the most extravagant beauty I EVER see. I’m thinking/looking/seeking out loud to “learn” to see beauty in every little place. I’ll do reviews, adventure and ruminate, pointing out what I see along the way. We are BEAUTY-FINDERS on a mission to impact the world with all that is good.

Feel free to to contact me with your thoughts and product review ideas.

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