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Take-away’s from 2016

Take-away’s from 2016:


  1. My body is my friend. Believing good things are happening in me in the midst of feeling ill is faith. It is part of the path to healing, which involves the spirit as much as the body (‘You are the Placebo’ is a good book)
  2. There are amazing people in this world, spreading cheer, love and light all around. I found in my most vulnerable places, full of need, I could see them (feel them) more clearly.
  3. Food is so awesome.(especially Krispy Kreme doughnuts).  Yes, eating is nourishment but also an avenue for connection and pleasure. We eat for more reasons than just staying alive. It’s a beautiful need/want see-saw that vacillates between our body and spirit.
  4. Sometimes we have dreams… and then we must grow to accommodate them.
  5. Menopause is cruel. BUT, menopause shows us where we are most vulnerable, then asks us to be ok with that. All that is left is the strength and beauty that was always there, just hidden.
  6. I am strong. And so are you. We are strong
  7. Friends can make difficult places easier and easy places meaningful.
  8. I think I believe in mental telepathy, or a cousin to that.
  9. We can be surrounded by people and feel alone. We can be alone and not feel lonely.
  10. A baby’s entrance into this world grounds us here into the tangible but simultaneously elevates us into intangible worlds of divine magical mystery. (Thank you, angel Lennon.)
  11. Watching a toddler allows us to see again that what we witness every day is a miracle. (I love my sweet Moses.)
  12. We all desire validation. We must accept it as a gift from God. It was never meant to come from others.
  13. Spouses can/do change. Spouses can reveal us to us.
  14. Nothing/no one can destroy love.It DOES win
  15. No one can steal us, unless we let them.
  16. Sometimes old horses help us believe more deeply.
  17. Las Vegas is emotionally loud.
  18. Pursuing that which fuels the soul makes time irrelevant.
  19. Everyone is relevant
  20. Spanish Moss in the trees make everything seem heavenly
  21. Eating bread (from Ingrained Bakery) on a park bench with my parents is special.
  22. Ask myself “how do I want to feel?” It will answer the “what should I be doing” questions.
  23. We are all so very much alike.
  24. This too shall pass (even elections)
  25. “What if” questions should be asked more frequently
  26. Ask more questions to those we don’t understand.
  27. RV living is an adventure. (plan winter in a warm place)
  28. Sometimes we need a nice neighbor late at night.
  29. Seeing a newborn calf can make us want to live on a farm.
  30. Zip-lining is really fun. do it.
  31. The “most” ______person we know, could be our child. (Teachers and inspire-ers are not always before us chronologically 😉 (ie. Brooke, Jake, Josh, Jordan, Natalie, Eli, Bethany)
  32. We are never too old to try.Never.
  33. If we listen, we hear.
  34. Unfortunately, tans fade and wrinkles last. 😉
  35. Life changes can happen anywhere because change starts within us. (the secret life of change)
  36. Never underestimate a full moon. It can take our breath away.
  37. Maybe growing old can be more about the “growing” and less about the “old”.
  38. The sand, water, shells and sky consistently deliver mystery and stability.
  39. A country song in all of it’s simplicity can reveal our human complexity.
  40. What we know doesn’t make us better.
  41. Sometimes a year ends before we feel “ready”
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The Privilege of Struggle


Most of us aren’t wondering how we will physically survive the day. But we do wonder if we will survive emotionally and spiritually. The struggle itself means we are forging through obstacles. Sure, we could avoid struggle, but the cost is so high.

The cost is high…death while being alive.

There’s a little old building on this property outside the RV. It has weathered a lot. You can tell it’s old by the wood, chipped paint and antique doorknob. I love it. It’s the backdrop for my prairie view. It reminds me that resilience is interesting, noble, honorable and worthy. It reminds me that scars mean we’ve tried something…maybe even something daring.

If we dream, love, open up, try new things, imagine better, well, this means we are vulnerable to emotional and spiritual daggers. We might look a little “weathered” like this building.

But, if we don’t dream, love, try, imagine… we are dead already.

Do you have a clear vision of the life you want? What are you called to contribute to this world? Are you trying new things? Saying yes to scary things? Are you loving people in all of the ways that make you most vulnerable? Do you counter the darkness by being light? Do you think against cultural norms? Are you aware of the power you possess?

If any of these things are true, consider the next thunder-clap in the heavens above as an applause for YOU. Do you hear that ROAR? That’s for YOU. The world has been waiting for you to show up with exactly what you are. May this thunder=clap echo loud and long enough to be confirmation to your soul. YOU are onto something here.

This is the privilege of struggle. This is living while being ALIVE.


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Night Life


Memories flash like the tiles of an old clock clicking to reveal the next number

click, click, click they come

the blue sky vibrant in the light of the sun

snow caps beckoning down from the trail

the boat at sunset, ready to sail

miles and miles, harmony songs

golden aspens shaking but strong

cradled in feathers sinking down

floating at ease with the current’s sound

story and love in words on paper

a poem scribbled in haste at the table

the passions of friendship breathes life inside

a strumming guitar with nothing to hide

riding so fast in the red shiny car

riding down roads that are never too far

riding wild horses with wind blown hair

beaches and palm trees, breathing salt air

the campfire crackles and lullabies sung

soothing truths whispered as one

fresh cotton sheets in the morning light

star-gazing in winter, wrapped up so tight

a familiar smile in the eyes of my lover

curtains blowing in the last days of summer

the movie reel catches ..the scene is the same

over and over and over they came

then a child laughs and the scenes move on

a cry echoes loud of my firstborn son

saturday morning the little feet run

as cartoon images add to the fun

cuddles while rocking and reading a book

little kingdoms conquered as new lands we took

winnie the pooh’s words echo the way

…“Rivers know this: there is no hurry. We shall get there some day.”

crisp air wafts from the tall blue spruce

cerulean blue brushstrokes swirl around loose

a long winding dirt road leads the way home

cottonwood falling bids us “please come”

and the river carries the fluff with pride

floating and gracing the riverside

 the clouds move in time-lapse fashion

roaming the fields of quaking aspens

the path leads somewhere …I must go

while the washing and sifting continues to grow

hammock rest with my book in hand

the hourglass moves sand by sand

vibrant-colored leaves swirl on the ground

her breath catches as she hears the sound

 visions of coffee laden with cream

 left only a memory

…of a beautiful dream

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The Dream Caster/Hope Dealer Job Explored

…Yeah, that’s what I want to be when I grow up- A Dream Caster/Hope Dealer. And what exactly is that?  I’ve been thinking about it the last few days.  The thought keeps growing and I love to imagine what it looks like, feels like, embodies. I think at the least, it’s a person who is intentional about building others up. When a person leaves interaction with a dream caster, hope dealer, here is what happens:

Dreams become much moreFlower-Wallpaper-For-Desktop vivid and spectacular after that conversation. Flesh and muscle are on the bones and the life breath gets taken.  The sharp gasp startles and surprises. The dream has warmth and health and strength. But most of all, purpose.

Maybe the mind plays out the scenarios  like never before, running in the fields of possibilities like a boy in summer exploring the corn fields at dusk. Bare feet running.  All senses employed. And just when you think the boy is about to go in for the evening, he springs up onto his horse and rides picturesque toward the late summer sun. By the time night falls, he is spent, ready for the sinking that accompanies his head hitting the pillow.

New paint colors for the artwork of life appear at the work station, and the urge to open them up and squeeze the color onto the palette is overwhelming.  Before too long, brush strokes paint new color onto the artwork and a smile emerges from the painter. This is what was needed all along.

New words penetrate the vocabulary, and are scribbled onto the edges of the page.  Little time passes, and the reader is now the author. Now the places of gaps and challenges look like possibility and a book not yet written, loaded with possibility, mystery and intrigue.

Places just read about in books become the afternoon hike. Discoveries like hidden aspen groves and the sound of the trickle of snow melt arrest the whole person.  Explorations are on the horizon. Maps are open on the table and studied, marked with mind and ink.  Treks are planned.  Purposeful places to go. To be.

Contemplation while looking at the night sky feels like a right of passage into the grandest party ever thrown. It’s not just the day’s drudgery coming to an end.  Even the night sky has a new beginning. It is now a gateway into tomorrow.

So, the bottom line is that I do find myself unworthy of this job description, but I do want it, nonetheless. To be a person that impacts the people of this existence; to add where there is lack; to be a contributor of redeeming what was lost…this is dream caster/hope dealer.