Memories flash like the tiles of an old clock clicking to reveal the next number

click, click, click they come

the blue sky vibrant in the light of the sun

snow caps beckoning down from the trail

the boat at sunset, ready to sail

miles and miles, harmony songs

golden aspens shaking but strong

cradled in feathers sinking down

floating at ease with the current’s sound

story and love in words on paper

a poem scribbled in haste at the table

the passions of friendship breathes life inside

a strumming guitar with nothing to hide

riding so fast in the red shiny car

riding down roads that are never too far

riding wild horses with wind blown hair

beaches and palm trees, breathing salt air

the campfire crackles and lullabies sung

soothing truths whispered as one

fresh cotton sheets in the morning light

star-gazing in winter, wrapped up so tight

a familiar smile in the eyes of my lover

curtains blowing in the last days of summer

the movie reel catches ..the scene is the same

over and over and over they came

then a child laughs and the scenes move on

a cry echoes loud of my firstborn son

saturday morning the little feet run

as cartoon images add to the fun

cuddles while rocking and reading a book

little kingdoms conquered as new lands we took

winnie the pooh’s words echo the way

…“Rivers know this: there is no hurry. We shall get there some day.”

crisp air wafts from the tall blue spruce

cerulean blue brushstrokes swirl around loose

a long winding dirt road leads the way home

cottonwood falling bids us “please come”

and the river carries the fluff with pride

floating and gracing the riverside

 the clouds move in time-lapse fashion

roaming the fields of quaking aspens

the path leads somewhere …I must go

while the washing and sifting continues to grow

hammock rest with my book in hand

the hourglass moves sand by sand

vibrant-colored leaves swirl on the ground

her breath catches as she hears the sound

 visions of coffee laden with cream

 left only a memory

…of a beautiful dream