Have you ever felt the coming scent of rain? Occasionally, there is a split-second that senses almost overlap. Today this happened when I saw the sky. maybe it’s what we call a premonition? The scent of rain was a vision in my mind before it was actually there. Then the moment came when the rain was actually falling and the ground gave up it’s offering; the scent of gratitude for what it needed, the heavenly scent of rain ascended. earthy. poignant.

It’s a gift to believe in something so fiercely that you experience it in your mind before you experience it in body. This is a secret in life. Some call it imagination. Some call it being positive.  Faith.  Having vision. You will catch yourself recognizing it most often interacting with children. And even as a child yourself, before you had words for it, you felt it and your heart smiled and glimmered. The child in you understands.

The power of our mind is sometimes so overwhelming that some walk away and try leave it to catch dust on the table. They only glance at it sideways, hoping it stays put and doesn’t move. Believe me, I get it. Power can be scary. But what if we realized that there is no neutral place for it to lay dormant? What if it IS making an impact, either FOR life or AGAINST? Walking away from the responsibility of harnessing power just means disaster.

Focus your mind on that which is life-giving. Envision the change you desperately desire. You must live IN it before you will LIVE it.