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RV Rain

Rainy Window Pane

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RV rain is similar to “front porch” rain. It’s the rain that invites you. It asks you to sit and listen for awhile. (More windows per sq feet of space in the RV commands me to take in this subtle but powerful”show”.) I watch and hear the drops hitting the roof. It’s loud; thunderously loud. Even though the rain is “light”, it’s impact is large in our little RV home. There is no avoiding it’s presence. And so I lean into it. I readily accept this rain as necessary and productive as I traverse the journey from summer to fall. Somehow it meets my melancholy heart and does a little soothing as it falls and puddles onto the earth. It feels like night in the middle of the day and I can’t help but think of Texas.

Somewhere a farmer has been praying for rain. Somewhere a father prays for protection from the rain.

As I turn the candles on, I am praying for those experiencing the rain and wind accompanying hurricane Harvey. With every drop I experience here in my world, I pray for comfort, protection and restoration.

No matter where we are, we are all so similarly at the mercy of another.

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Receiving Days


IMG_9918The drizzling rain is so comforting.

Some days are more like “receiving days”, don’t you think? We didn’t have to think about how to get the water from there to here and what the ocean currents and winds needed to do, or how the clouds would carry it. It just arrived like an unexpected, needed gift. And tomorrow when the sun appears, we will think the same.

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Summer Storm


There is something soothing about a summer rainstorm. The warmth of the air as it joins the cool water drops emit a very distinct earthy aroma. The dark clouds contrast the sliver of blue sky that remains. It looks like the mountains are welcoming the drink. It feels like we are receiving just exactly what we need. Everything is happening FOR us.


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Melancholy Turned Sweet



This mist over the mountain directed the way

Droplets danced and the tin roof played

Wrapped in you, melancholy turned sweet

As rain fell in rhythm to two heartbeats

Dreary is only  dreary when feeling alone

With you, rain is heaven, in gray-blue tones




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Feel. Cry. Accept. Breathe. Be.

water drop

As I lay in bed nestled underneath the mountain of covers and listen to the rainfall- rhythmic and beautiful, constant and steady, I feel it soak into my emotional soul. The power and swell is larger than me. The process of drenching, filling and seeping as it comes into me and then the movement out of me is like a ritualistic, cathartic method of cleansing.

Maybe the sky is empathizing with me today as it lets the water go, knowing there is a greater purpose in the release.

Crying …

seems attached to something we would not want to live without. The process of surrender makes room for the much-needed strength that’s moving in to fill the void.

Feel. Cry. Accept. Breathe. Be.


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Entangled Senses


Have you ever felt the coming scent of rain? Occasionally, there is a split-second that senses almost overlap. Today this happened when I saw the sky. maybe it’s what we call a premonition? The scent of rain was a vision in my mind before it was actually there. Then the moment came when the rain was actually falling and the ground gave up it’s offering; the scent of gratitude for what it needed, the heavenly scent of rain ascended. earthy. poignant.

It’s a gift to believe in something so fiercely that you experience it in your mind before you experience it in body. This is a secret in life. Some call it imagination. Some call it being positive.  Faith.  Having vision. You will catch yourself recognizing it most often interacting with children. And even as a child yourself, before you had words for it, you felt it and your heart smiled and glimmered. The child in you understands.

The power of our mind is sometimes so overwhelming that some walk away and try leave it to catch dust on the table. They only glance at it sideways, hoping it stays put and doesn’t move. Believe me, I get it. Power can be scary. But what if we realized that there is no neutral place for it to lay dormant? What if it IS making an impact, either FOR life or AGAINST? Walking away from the responsibility of harnessing power just means disaster.

Focus your mind on that which is life-giving. Envision the change you desperately desire. You must live IN it before you will LIVE it.

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The Gifts of Rain and Darkness

when it rains

This quote embodies the essence of what I think hope brings.

“When it rains look for rainbows, when it’s dark look for stars.”

It allows you to have eyes for the beautiful. In the midst of the obstacle (if you have hope), you will look for the hidden truth, the gem that’s just beyond the surface of the earth. It takes a little determination to brush away the dirt to see. But you know it’s there, – persevere.

I think this is also the life-source of good relationships…always looking for and believing the best in each other.  And while this can make us vulnerable, it also brings the possibility of the depth we yearn for. Rain and darkness can be the canvas that allows us to see the extra-ordinary.

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“This Person Makes Frequent Stops”

I should probably wear a sign that reads 10439431_10152924541297067_1541453975472238008_n, “This Person Makes Frequent Stops” like the big trucks and buses on the road.  I find myself so mesmerized by so many things.  I just have to stop to soak it in fully The sun’s rays through the clouds, sunsets and rainbows, flowers and pretty colored rocks in the river…yep, it’s a blessing and a curse. Tonight storm clouds were billowing so high and so far.  Even the sounds, while eerie were drawing me; rumbling a lullaby from the heavens. I couldn’t help but stop.  Listen.  Breathe in the power and now write the words that dripped into my heart. It was as majestic as the mountain range it obscured.  

And then the grandeur faded and simplicity followed.  The sky bucket could hold no more, so it released it’s treasure upon us. Drops connected mid-air and traveled to the earth like herds of cattle. I watched from my window, listening to the cleansing. It was a good ole’ gully washer, changing the air to smell of earth again. Just as I was about to sign off, I hear the ricochet. The hail came reminding me that I am not in charge. Of anything. Ever. Stillness followed with only the dripping of water off of the roof to remind me of what was. The choreography is over for now. A cleansing breath is mine for the taking.

Yes, I stop frequently.