I should probably wear a sign that reads 10439431_10152924541297067_1541453975472238008_n, “This Person Makes Frequent Stops” like the big trucks and buses on the road.  I find myself so mesmerized by so many things.  I just have to stop to soak it in fully The sun’s rays through the clouds, sunsets and rainbows, flowers and pretty colored rocks in the river…yep, it’s a blessing and a curse. Tonight storm clouds were billowing so high and so far.  Even the sounds, while eerie were drawing me; rumbling a lullaby from the heavens. I couldn’t help but stop.  Listen.  Breathe in the power and now write the words that dripped into my heart. It was as majestic as the mountain range it obscured.  

And then the grandeur faded and simplicity followed.  The sky bucket could hold no more, so it released it’s treasure upon us. Drops connected mid-air and traveled to the earth like herds of cattle. I watched from my window, listening to the cleansing. It was a good ole’ gully washer, changing the air to smell of earth again. Just as I was about to sign off, I hear the ricochet. The hail came reminding me that I am not in charge. Of anything. Ever. Stillness followed with only the dripping of water off of the roof to remind me of what was. The choreography is over for now. A cleansing breath is mine for the taking.

Yes, I stop frequently.