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This is Living


We’re a week into a new year of aspirations, resets, focus and tasks. We clearly see the red targets we’re aiming to hit. Our calendars are groaning a bit. And goals are a necessary part of our human equation!  (BUT)…

let’s not forget life happens “on the way” to goal(s).

The moment of silence that you took before you spoke, to settle the inner part of you, well, that’s living. It wasn’t a hindrance to your goal.

The chicken soup you made for a sick friend (that might have taken more time than you imagined) reminds you of your greatest strengths and also of your human frailty. That’s living. This living might have slowed your arrival to the target, and you’ll be tempted to think it’s of less value. It’s not.

The pause you made while taking a quick gaze upward allowing you to see the architecture that’s overtaken and interwoven with vines, grounded you and reminded you that multiple forces are always at work, both within and without.

This is living.

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How to Remember




There is a Hebrew proverb that says before a child is born, the angel Gabriel tells them everything – all the secrets of the universe and everything they need to know about God and the world. And then the angel kisses them on the forehead, and they are born

…and immediately they begin to forget.

Is this “forgetting” a temporary progression?  There must be a turning point, right?Because while we are living/forgetting, snippets of the secrets we know begin to resurface. Something is familiar about the bird’s song. The breeze is more than just feeling wind. Truth resonating? Yes, all the experiences of life give us passage to forget, BUT it also gives us space to re-grasp the intangible truths // the ones we long to remember // the ones we are meant to know.

We are in a beautiful dance of emerging and returning, where wisdom and truth become a crown-star above our hearts and minds, always guiding us home. We look down to see that our feet are dusty and worn from living, but we’re clothed in the brightest light, dancing like a child, the epitome of entanglement with earthly and divine. We hear the music — the voice of God, and listen again and again to the resonating truth.

We remember as we touch the softness of a newborn baby and remember again as we smooth the wrinkled grace-lines of the aged.

One is just emerging from God, while the other close to returning.

They know things.

They teach us how to remember.

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Every Moment is Forever



A quiet mind is not always a still one. As I sit close to the campfire~ stillness and movement play like children within. Long sighs accompany the dark and light. The sizzling and crackling is a perfect accompaniment to the dance of the neon flame and the wind in the trees.  All the while the river rushes, going somewhere. In this moment it all seems necessary.

Two words surface, poignant and divine.

And just above the flame, the heat distorts as if I’m looking at an underwater world. I lean my head back to look up, and watch the stars moving in and out of view as the tree branch overhead sways back and forth, back and forth, nurturing and protecting.  I hear the muffled voices and the strum of a guitar. My knees are warm, but my back is cold. All of this reminding me of my humanity and how I am divided, always present yet always emerging.

The physical carries me emotionally, mentally and spiritually.  I know it’s an experience to live, and in the living and telling, the story is stamped into my memory like a passport book being filled with adventure and richness. The flames lick higher and higher, pointing my gaze upward to consider great mysteries,

-where every moment is forever, timeless and formless

-where nothing that IS can ever be taken away. 


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There is More to Life Than Living


There is more to life than the living

I, like you, have seen heroism birthed after death

While skepticism runs in our gray matter roads

so does a deeper knowing and gnawing that keeps repeating the question

Doesn’t the nuances of this existence linger well after our voices fade?

-memories of souls, constants like stars guide us in the stillness

Can’t you feel that?  That those who lived before us whisper in our ears

Have you not been touched by an intangible presence?

Even the written words in centuries long ago

scribbled and ascribed by candlelight, comfort and guide us.

It’s true that bodies can and will go to dust, but something remains

a cloud of witnesses that shadow us, protect us

I picture the long awaited rest that has come and I find I am smiling

they are free of pain and angst, running and moving with the wind

yes, this living is for those cumbered and bumbling with bodies not yet fluid

fighting to dream, fighting to realize fully and engage completely,

fighting to love unconditionally and take back the ground we wear on our soles

Hoping to redeem the days, longing to have the freedom of vapor

filling completely the void and lack

…but while we remain

we sing and chant mantras while marching in this space

to remember and consider those whose footsteps we trace

they have gone to perfect rest

knowing this truth ~ there is more to this life than the living