There is a Hebrew proverb that says before a child is born, the angel Gabriel tells them everything – all the secrets of the universe and everything they need to know about God and the world. And then the angel kisses them on the forehead, and they are born

…and immediately they begin to forget.

Is this “forgetting” a temporary progression?  There must be a turning point, right?Because while we are living/forgetting, snippets of the secrets we know begin to resurface. Something is familiar about the bird’s song. The breeze is more than just feeling wind. Truth resonating? Yes, all the experiences of life give us passage to forget, BUT it also gives us space to re-grasp the intangible truths // the ones we long to remember // the ones we are meant to know.

We are in a beautiful dance of emerging and returning, where wisdom and truth become a crown-star above our hearts and minds, always guiding us home. We look down to see that our feet are dusty and worn from living, but we’re clothed in the brightest light, dancing like a child, the epitome of entanglement with earthly and divine. We hear the music — the voice of God, and listen again and again to the resonating truth.

We remember as we touch the softness of a newborn baby and remember again as we smooth the wrinkled grace-lines of the aged.

One is just emerging from God, while the other close to returning.

They know things.

They teach us how to remember.