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Sun and Moon Love

If asked to describe the sun, I would talk about her warmth. I would highlight the gracefulness of her movements. I would ramble about the way the sun draws me close every 12 hours or so, to bask, watch and marvel. I would have to point out her predictability and her life-giving power. The plants turn to find her for good reason.

If asked to describe the moon, I would have to close my eyes in contemplation. A moment to ponder might yield some words, but maybe not. The moon seems to understand silence, moods, nuances, glances and innuendos. Words are secondary. The moon has the effervescent glow of stardom wrapped around her shoulders. She knows the value of the present. Her presence in the moment is everything. She has no inhibitions, No reservations. She’s honest. Daring. Humble.

The relationship between the two lights ignites longing. They highlight the possibility in relationships. They cause us to look at one, but at the same time reminded of the other. This essence bears witness that love is confident giving that needs nothing in return; fully fortified with being whole and then emptied. Over and over again.

Is it any wonder we are drawn in consistently to look up and “circle ’round” with the stars, looking and listening for the wisdom of the ages?


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love- volatile and safe, adventure and surrender, noun and verb, concrete and abstract, sharp and kind


I can’t remember a time that I didn’t believe there was a world more real than the one we see. But today I feel it more surely, like knowing the waxing and waning schedule of the moon, never doubting how it will brighten the night sky. We wait expectantly. I believe LOVE is much the same. Even in our darkest, doubtful, dreadful moments we give a silent nod of respect to this foundation called LOVE. We can’t ignore it. We crave it. We want to understand but also to be understood. We’re wired with tenacity and curiosity, belief and hope that we can go deeper still as the divine voice faintly sings something familiar and we forge ahead to get closer to the LOVE source.

LOVE is that subtle but sure foundation that causes us to believe and pursue the best in us. We seek while also wanting to be found. Love keeps us curious and busy roaming back roads forgotten. It keeps us searching for poetry, writing new (and old) lyrics, looking with longing eyes to the places all around and within that we know can and should be redeemed. It compels us to give weight to whispers, nudges and inklings not fully understood but heard in our soul. It brings a song in the night. LOVE truly is beautifully breathtaking.

LOVE, and the pursuit of living love fully, pushes us past our perceived boundaries, surprising even our own selves in a moment’s notice. It’s volatile and safe, adventure and surrender, noun and verb, concrete and abstract, sharp and kind.

It is the answer to most of our questions.


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Dual Realities of Life


I give in…

as the salt water waves moves in over me, swishing me clean within, while simultaneously the tide rolls out, taking me from where I began; comforting me while carrying me away from the familiar shore.

Like the earth spinning but also rotating around the sun, the dual reality of life is punctuated, both “day” and “year” represented.

It is the communion and connection of family while also engaging in the quietness of our own thoughts. It is a grandfather holding a grandson at sunset— outward body motion while inwardly being immersed in thoughts of thankfulness.

It is the sacred callings and yearnings of divine mixed with human needs and frailties; prayers for the day drifting up, “Give us this day our daily bread”as we take a bite of food.

There is irony in and around us.

…like our energy and excitement of work punctuated by our need for a night of restful sleep.

…like our body in a state of healing while being closer to our death than our birth.

…like learning new facts, understanding new ideas while becoming more aware of the vastness of what we don’t know; a passage of expansion while seeing a larger horizon.

…like clasping those we love in a long, full hug of belonging, while whispering words of goodbye.

…like the mind wandering roads in far away places while looking at the clouds passing in the sky just above.

…like the breeze on a warm day-  it brings air to us from somewhere else, but takes air from around us in the passing.

…like the moon appearing to wax and wane, in a constant state of coming, but also going.

Dual realities are plenteous, continuous, available… both asking OF us and revealing TO us.