Dual Realities of Life


I give in…

as the salt water waves moves in over me, swishing me clean within, while simultaneously the tide rolls out, taking me from where I began; comforting me while carrying me away from the familiar shore.

Like the earth spinning but also rotating around the sun, the dual reality of life is punctuated, both “day” and “year” represented.

It is the communion and connection of family while also engaging in the quietness of our own thoughts. It is a grandfather holding a grandson at sunset— outward body motion while inwardly being immersed in thoughts of thankfulness.

It is the sacred callings and yearnings of divine mixed with human needs and frailties; prayers for the day drifting up, “Give us this day our daily bread”as we take a bite of food.

There is irony in and around us.

…like our energy and excitement of work punctuated by our need for a night of restful sleep.

…like our body in a state of healing while being closer to our death than our birth.

…like learning new facts, understanding new ideas while becoming more aware of the vastness of what we don’t know; a passage of expansion while seeing a larger horizon.

…like clasping those we love in a long, full hug of belonging, while whispering words of goodbye.

…like the mind wandering roads in far away places while looking at the clouds passing in the sky just above.

…like the breeze on a warm day-  it brings air to us from somewhere else, but takes air from around us in the passing.

…like the moon appearing to wax and wane, in a constant state of coming, but also going.

Dual realities are plenteous, continuous, available… both asking OF us and revealing TO us.

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