The trees are crying today. At least looking through a rain-drenched window makes it appear that way. Our perspective always colors our reality. Monday #beautynearme

I must be the “Rock Lady”

  I’ve placed the rocks out on the make-shift table outside of the RV. I’m the “picker-upper” on the hikes we take. You’ve heard of cat ladies? I think I must be “the rock lady”. My backpack becomes heavier and heavier as we go along. I see the light and color and uniqueness of a…

I Promise, Both Stories are True!

  There are many ways to tell the stories of our life. We are more than facts and circumstances. Our story also contains our perspective and this gives all the color.  We get to decide that crucial element. WE GET TO DECIDE. I’m going to tell a little piece of my story-twice. My story- take 1: I…

Faded Photographs

                  In the bland of black and white, two beautiful women speak volumes, their smiles silently give encouragement to the granddaughter they never met. How could they have known that a simple photograph would mean so much to me, so many years later? I’m sure they didn’t….