Grandmother Dorothy









In the bland of black and white, two beautiful women speak volumes, their smiles silently give encouragement to the granddaughter they never met. How could they have known that a simple photograph would mean so much to me, so many years later? I’m sure they didn’t.

It’s true…I admit I’m a photograph fanatic.  I don’t need an excuse but I can’t get away from the message and memory that pictures carry long after voices are silent. Sometimes I gaze inadvertently at an old photo, and it’s the sobering reminder that I need; the proverbial “chill pill”. Strange how a picture in the past can suddenly anchor me to the reality of the present. Who doesn’t need that kind of anchor?

My  grandmothers both died so young;  words left unsaid, dreams unfulfilled, children small and needy.  But  somehow I see  strength through their smiles.   In these faded photographs, they have left me much-needed perspective.

Grandmother Nadi edit