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I’m Hired! Sunset Predictor Specialist ;)


Is there such a thing as “Sunset Predictor Specialist”? I don’t know but I’m hiring myself for the “job”. Some might say I’m a tad obsessed (some=my husband). Each night I start looking about an hour and a half before sunset. I look at the clouds, which way they’re moving to calculate if there is a space between the cloud cover and the horizon. Will it be there in an hour and a half? This little bitty gap between the horizon and the clouds is ABSOLUTELY necessary to have an amazing moment where the sun illuminates the underneath side of the clouds. That’s when you get all the color, all the magic where the previous wispy-white clouds get spun into gold. Yes, little things matter, even in the vast skyspace.

Now,  I’m not an expert, but I am becoming more and more reliable. You send me your picture of what’s going on in the sky at that time, and I won’t be able to resist. I’ll be your sunset weather gal, making a few predictions for the sunset sky-gazing ahead. One thing’s for certain. No one ever regrets looking for the beauty.  😉

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Pat Yourself on the Back

tonight sunset

Have you given yourself a proverbial “pat on the back” today? Take a minute to think about how strong you are. Take a second to think proactively about your day. I say this because I’m sitting here like a bump on a log, watching an episode of Heartland (great show -setting on a Canadian ranch). I know there’s nothing wrong with downtime but I’d rather be up and running around with boundless energy. I’m tempted to think about what I’m not instead of the joy of the day; what is in the present. Gratitude and hope, well, these things are about what is right here in the moment-a beautiful breeze, an amazing sunset and a comfortable spot to call home.

You’ve made it to evening. You survived. Pat yourself on the back. 😉

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When the Sky is Ablaze



I was in a “hurrying and scurrying” state when I glanced out of the window and saw the scarlet crimson hue. Against the cool colors of the mountains, snow and sky, the sunset couldn’t be ignored. I imagine the ooooh’s and aaaaah’s as we all gaze upward and stare. We feel connected by the majesty and beauty. I think that’s the way it should be.

I’m reminded of a similar sunset a few years ago. My future daughter-in-law was visiting us. We are both “sunset runners”. We took off running like kids because we didn’t want to miss it. And we didn’t. It was an amazing view and now a sweet memory with someone precious to me. EveryTHING beautiful can remind us of someONE beautiful in our life.

This summer we ran to see many FL sunsets. My parents live near the bay and we would ride our bikes, walk or drive to see the evening glow. Now I have this precious memory with them.

I have a friend who’s daughter left this earth (too early it seems) with the sky ablaze like this. She never sees these colors without thinking of Jenny. And now I, along with her family, think of her as well. I guess I’m trying to say that everyone SHOULD matter to everyone. That’s what these moments, along with oceans and rivers, aspens groves and full moons say to my soul.  It connects me. Even to those who can only be “with” me in my heart. It’s the moment we reflect on those we love.

This is our lifeblood if we really want to live while being alive. We should welcome these reminders like long lost friends, shouldn’t we? This beauty is a gift. There is something greater, something beyond this moment, yet captured inside of it like a time capsule holding treasures. I wish I could put my finger on it, and yet I’m drawn to look because of the mystery.

Enjoy the moments that take you in and take your breath away…the ones that make you feel like you’ve been wrapped up and hugged. Because you have been.