Is there such a thing as “Sunset Predictor Specialist”? I don’t know but I’m hiring myself for the “job”. Some might say I’m a tad obsessed (some=my husband). Each night I start looking about an hour and a half before sunset. I look at the clouds, which way they’re moving to calculate if there is a space between the cloud cover and the horizon. Will it be there in an hour and a half? This little bitty gap between the horizon and the clouds is ABSOLUTELY necessary to have an amazing moment where the sun illuminates the underneath side of the clouds. That’s when you get all the color, all the magic where the previous wispy-white clouds get spun into gold. Yes, little things matter, even in the vast skyspace.

Now,  I’m not an expert, but I am becoming more and more reliable. You send me your picture of what’s going on in the sky at that time, and I won’t be able to resist. I’ll be your sunset weather gal, making a few predictions for the sunset sky-gazing ahead. One thing’s for certain. No one ever regrets looking for the beauty.  😉