So many discussions and diverse opinions swirl inside the lines we read and conversations we have or hear or…overhear. (politics, bathrooms, violence, …) On occasion, before I even realise it, my face takes on a “wondering-confused” look as I try to understand why some topics are important. Why are these the ones that surface to the top of the news? While at the same time I have this “bewildered” look, I also try to empathize with people in general. Beneath what I would deem an “absurd” opinion, or action, is a human; a human so much like me.

I wish we could strip away all the opinions, all the egos, all of the “I have my right” mantras and just see all of us (the people of the world) standing in line, side by side. We would stand in line and meet people from all over the world. And if we could just assume for a moment that we could converse in any language, we would begin to ask about the other person’s life. We would hear the inner needs and desires of the heart. Then we would see the truth as we each stand, a statuesque representation of life, work, joy, pain, pleasure, faith, doubt, need, love, understanding, misunderstanding…And in short order, we would have connected on some level because we are all, ALL, just human. It would hit us like a ton of bricks. Oh I know, a “hot topic” just assaulted your senses, trying to make a point about your perceived differences; trying to strip you of this “imaginary” peaceful interaction with another human, eyeball to eyeball. Shut the hot topic down. Continue to look . Look intently. Continue to listen. Tears will probably come as you realize the difference is small, like a freckle. Just. a. freckle.

I sit here trying to get down some oatmeal and I think, “everyone in the world will try to eat something today”.  And if we are successful, our body will take in the nourishment and get rid of the rest. That is how much alike we are, these “simple” needs fundamental to our living. I think that means something. No matter the point on the globe where my finger lands, people are in need. They are eating, drinking, and eventually, sleeping. And that is just a little peek into our human PHYSICAL needs. Something tells me that if we were to go deeper, beyond the physical, are hearts would understand even more about the ways we could support, love and care for others, even if they have a “freckle”. Maybe we’re just not brave enough, compassionate enough, secure enough, loving enough, “rich” enough, humble enough, … to think of anything but OUR important “freckles”. Now THAT is what seems absurd.