The 7 wonders of the world has rivals. And I’m not really talking about the “New” 7 wonders. All of them, old and new are majestic, soul-stirring, breathtaking visions, to be sure. But I think the real rivals are nestled amongst the busyness of each day- something just as magical. Dare I say that? Dare I push a little further and say that not ONE day gets missed?

Not one day has missed the sprinkling of the “divine”.

They come in thoughts, visions, segments, sometimes so brief, you could miss it.

Maybe your mind is awhirl and your thoughts are scattered, but you glimpse through the window, the sun-rays are hitting the landscape in a way it never has before. The hue is different. The mood is different. Haven’t you see this a thousand times? Your breath catches at the sight. You realize the REAL difference. YOU are different and changed since “last time”. You smile as JOY invades.

Maybe you woke in the morning stillness…too early. But before you move from the comfort of bed, you hear the bird singing in the darkness. It feels personal, private, necessary. You have been serenaded into PEACE.

Maybe as the day is fading and fatigue is at hand, you glance and see those you love all huddled together, laughing. Heads are tilted back in full abandonment. Even from a distance you can feel the presence and power of LOVE. Everyone is safely themselves.

Maybe your spirits are down and you have no strength. But for one teensy second your eyes drift to look beside you. You see the selfless one who cares for you without complaint. You know you are being carried like a raft in the river riding the current. Directed. Guided. Powered.

I stand behind my claim. The “7 wonders of the world” has rivals.