All of my photo albums are in storage during this transition time, but I don’t even need them to see the faces of my babies.  Today I’m seeing the face of my third little one.  From the beginning, I could see this sweet-faced boy interested in all the things going on around him; taking it in, learning from it.  He loved to sing and make us laugh.  His favorite song was ‘I Will Praise Him”.  When he got to the line “…give him glory all ye people”, it came out something like,”all ye roly-poly people”.  We would roll alright…right out of our seats laughing at him, and then he would laugh at himself.  He went from that sweet stage to a stage of funny phrases, like calling an El Camino car a ‘cappucino’.  The great thing about all of this is that he would laugh at himself.  Jacob is 13 years old today.  I can’t believe it.  He’s such a deep thinker; such a man in so many ways. He has such a way of knowing just what needs to happen in any given situation.  Just yesterday he said to me , “Mom, it’ll be alright, you’ll see”.  We stopped for a special birthday breakfast and as he prayed “Lord, help us to be serene through the diffuculties in life”, I had to fight back this huge lump in my throat.  He brings a sense of balance to this family.   He has eyes to see what others miss and explain a perspective that gives refreshment in life.  Some people have their theories of “middle” children.  If Jake is any indication of those theories, all comments would be positive.  The Lord knew that we needed him.  He’s a great friend, to young and old.  I’m so proud that I get to be his mom.