At every turn this week I have been reminded about “The Body”…this physical body, this spiritual body (the body of Chrsit on earth).  We were in Ok City where our children had thier national basketball tournament…what a week!  I think we saw over 30 basketball games (my body knows we did).  Bleachers are not condusive to good backs, I’ve learned.  I saw teams that worked together and teams that didn’t.  The wins and losses were determined by how well they understood and implemented this necessary ingredient of the game.  It was a great reminder to me.  It reminded me of this body of Christ on earth.  How well am I working with the others in the body of Christ?  What part am I playing?  I have THE divine coach who can by fully trusted. He leads to victory when I implement his plays. He even gives the strength and skill.  I just have to be willing to trust. WOW. Ok, I’m convicted!

We had some physical reminders of the body.  I saw such strength and skill displayed on the courts.  Then our youngest, Brooke, became sick.  Then my back hurt etc…) Every day that our body functions optimally is a miracle and reminder of our great creator. 

The other reminder came through experiencing an overwhelming surprise.  While I was out of town, several people (you know who you are) came to our recently purchased house, and stripped wallpaper.  Have any of you ever done this?  I know what a sacrifice of time and energy this was for them.  I walked into the house and stopped.  My mouth fell to my knees and I started crying like a baby!  I was reminded of  the love in the body of Christ; how it feels; what it looks like.  Love is so compelling.  It is a motivator like no other; it forms a bond that cannot be broken. 

God knew that we could relate to the analogy of the body.  We are reminded every day of our own strengths and weaknesses.  What better way to learn our part in His great big picture.  We’re asked to trust Him.  He gives us everything we need to play our part.

Let’s get the “playbook” and get moving.  We have a game to win!