I really need to get my Missouri drivers’ license, so I went online to find out all that I needed to know about this change.  It’s become so much more complicated than I thought it would be.  You have to prove  three things. 

  • Proof of Lawful Presence (I need my birth certificate) 
  • Proof of Identity (SS card will take care of this one)
  • Proof of Residency (I need a piece of mail with my name on it)
  • Ok, I can do this, can’t I??? First, I need my birth certificate.  I’m sure I have this somehwhere.  I looked in all logical (and some illogical) places to find it.  While on this search, I found files that are now obsolete. (ie…eight year old soccer info, insurance policies that no longer cover our family etc…).  I couldn’t believe the little baby clothes that were in my cedar chest.  Were my babies really that small?  My mind saw visions and memories that accompanied those little outifts.  It almost made me weep. I realize that every day is a memory-making day.  The clothes are just bigger! 

    I wonder if God in heaven sees our growth-spurts as Christians with “misty-eyes”too?  After all, we are making some wonderful memories with our Savior.  It’s so nice to know that he has our growth chart divinely planned.  He knows at what age to make us eat the peas that we keep spittting out.  He knows that if we never eat the peas, we will always  go for the bananas, and never get any protein.   As we grow, we even choose the peas, knowing that it is essential for health. 

    Last night, our family sat in the living room and sorted through all of the kids keepsake items into separate bins.  It was so neat to see them enjoy the memories of the past while looking through cards, schoolwork, baby books etc…For some reason, when I put these things away, I thought I was putting them away for me.   It ends up, after all, that it was for them.  Is God going to “present” in heaven a pile of keepsakes for me?  I wonder if in my baby state, while I thought I was eating peas for Him, I will realize it was for me after all.   Will I see the beautiful cards of encouragements on my journey and marvel that He cared to keep them for me? 

    I am convicted, yet committed once again, to place my trust in His plan for me.  Looking back is so much easier than looking ahead at the dark places of the unknown.  If I can see that He is already there, camera in hand, ready to capture that “faith moment”on my face, I can be encouraged to take the next step. 

    By the way, my mom had my birth certificate all along.  Maybe I was supposed to go down this memory lane and rest awhile in the reminders of His care!