Last week we went to the shelter and looked at dogs.  Our friend Tim is a dog trainer and encouraged us to get a puppy that was young enough to train and connect with our family.  He had already seen the 3 1/2  month old German shepherd/black lab mix and waited for us to walk through the aisle.  There she was sitting in the cage quietly.  How could she be so calm amidst this?  Dogs were barking so loud, I could hardly think.  I put my hand to the cage and she nuzzled it sweetly.  We asked to take her out to spend some time with her.  The lady there informed us that she was the last of three, and she was the runt.  We had plans to visit several other shelters that day, but we didn’t need to go anywhere else.  She had won our hearts.

We’ve had our puppy “Cola” for a week now.  There have been inconveniences (as you can imagine) but also sweet connections.  We’re learning to train her as she learns to trust us.  I couldn’t help but think about this relationship as it mirrors some similarities between (oh my, she just had an “accident”…need to take her out…brb)…anyway, back to my thoughts. In some ways, this relationship mirrors my relationship with God.  (I don’t mean this to be disrespectful)…but I can picture the day God rescued me from the shelter.  It is a “kill shelter”.  God’s adoption of mercy was my only hope. When “Cola” sits at my feet, I love it.  I sense that God wants this same restful spirit to be mine.  To sit at His feet represents trust and  connection.  I love that “Cola” wants to be with me.  When she follows me around, it warms my heart and makes me smile.  Do I follow God that closely?  Sometimes I wonder if I over-complicate the desire God has for me. Just like “Cola” watches me to see what I want from her, I wonder if God just desires me to be looking and listening…wanting for me to see and hear Him, and then respond.  After all, God made me for His pleasure.  He wants a relationship, and that is why he adopted me.  In my obedience to Him lies my satisfaction and fulfillment in this life.  I guess in every situation, I can be reminded of some aspect of Gods love.  I welcome our little reminder, “Cola” to our family.    🙂