I heard an interview on the radio this week that I can’t seem to stop thinking about. It all started with a statement from a Christian artist who said “…it is a dangerous thing to let circumstances become the proof of Gods love for us. God has already proven it. While we were yet sinners, Christ died for us”. Well, that’s it. Simple statement, but profound impact. Of course, I know that the jury isn’t out on God’s love. It’s real. Thankfully, nothing I do will change that. But do I live like I know that? The moment I can’t understand life, do I doubt Him? When I go to the throne of God about the struggles in my life, am I hoping His answer validates ME, or maybe validates HIS LOVE for me? I was thinking about how many times I might assume something that may not be true of God, based on what my eyes see, what my body feels. Go with me in a story for a minute…There’s been a bad storm. Now that the worst is over, people are moving outside again, surveying the possible damage. I see a man take a 2×4 and hit another man as hard as he can. I’m horrified and stunned. I immediately run closer. How can someone be so cruel? It’s not until I get to the man that I see the downed power line near his body. He has a gash, but he’s alive. In that moment I realize the man who used the 2×4 saved his life. The 2×4 was necessary. Boy, was I wrong. Well, here’s the correlation…God is the one with the 2×4. He uses it to save us, but we are stunned by the blow on our back and we look at Him with hurt in our hearts and accusing eyes. Can God even explain to us what the downed power line would have done to us? If we could see the line for what it is, we would see the dark powerful energy of Satan’s doing. We would hear the haunting laughter emanating from it’s source that was set in motion in the Garden of Eden. But we often don’t see the truth of what it is, we think we could’ve handled this dilemma ourselves. We focus on what we see and feel and then…assume. We proceed to cry and whine about the bruise, never realizing the thankfulness that should be in our hearts. So here’s my quest: When I search for comfort from the blow-find it in the arms of the one wielding the 2×4. He only carries it for my protection Know He’s strong enough to save me and honorable enough to trust, and in time hope I choose to love Him back.