He’s Always Been Faithful It’s so insane how easy I forget.  I’m not really mourning the loss of my mind…yet, but how often I forget to draw strength from just remembering God and His hand in my life.  He is faithful, but how easy it is to forget. God had the children of Israel set up monuments of remembrances so that they wouldn’t forget his care for them.  That would give them courage for the present, faith to believe. I’m reminded today of one of those monuments in my life…my baby girl.  12 years have passed.  This was the day she came into the world, November 30, 1998.  Going into labor in August at only 20 weeks, there was little hope that we could avoid early delivery.  The road was a rough one, but one day turned into weeks, and then into months.  It was truly miraculous.  Family and friends rallied to support us and God reiterated to us all that He is the life-giver, life-sustainer, miracle-worker.  Not every situation ends in the miracle that we choose, but it does end in a miracle.  His grace through every difficulty is in itself miraculous.  Brooke Cherith is 12 today.  Her name comes from the passage in I Kings 17.  It was a place of complete trust in God as Elijah was fed by the ravens. So, I have my monument.  When I contemplate the future, I cannot forget the reminders He’s given along the way.  Happy Birthday to my 12 year old, beautiful monument.