Experiencing God…hmmm…what does that look like for each of us? How is it different from knowing God? I was recently reading in the book of Job (great book). In his afflictions, he rants and raves about his commitment and dedication to God;his right living and abhorrence of wrong doing. He doesn’t understand why he’s being “picked on” by God. He questions God about it all. He knows God, respects God, tries hard to please God. I mean, what else could he do, right? God finally speaks…to him…in the whirlwind (which seems pretty amazing in itself). God talks about the obvious(which ironically, isn’t Jobs righteousness).It’s the creation around him. WOW He talks about the measurements of the earth, how morning stars sing. (wonder what that sounds like), the seas, springs, gates of death, where the snow is kept, winds, rains…thunder…birds, lions…the list goes on. It is truly amazing to hear God ask questions of…a man. After a long “where were you”questions …Job can’t speak. He is overwhelmed it seems. The God he once “reasoned” into a box has now blown his little mind. I think this is when he truly experienced God. God keeps talking, keeps asking questions…then Job finally found his voice. He basically admitted that he ran his mouth when he didn’t understand. Job said he had heard God with his ears, but now…he saw God…he despised himself and repented. He experienced God. Am I overstating the obvious here? Maybe. God is bigger than our minds reasoning…that’s the nature of Him being God. Does he want us to reason/search/question? I think “yes”. He wants us to have this beautiful pursuit, a constant drawing of His God-ness to our human-ness, a yearning for Him. That’s what keeps the mystery alive. We can’t ever get enough. We are always humbled.
Yesterday I traded in the van for a convertible. To say I’m excited would be an understatement. How different it was to drive and experience the elements around me; to feel the wind, hear the birds, see the clouds with no barriers. I was invigorated. It was so different from just knowing those things were “out there”. I felt, I saw, I heard, I… I guess I think Job’s experience was like that. Instead of God happening around him, God was happening in Him. I read the story of Job, and I’m glad to see the relationship change. I hope I can take away from it; what it looks like to have a relationship with God, but not experience Him. It could have been a different ending. Job humbled himself.  He let us see the big gap between man and God, the gap that will always be there. Do I see the beautiful creation around me, the wonder behind it all, and never give credit to a God who orchestrated it all?  I never see Him big enough, I’m sure of that.

I’m taking a convertible ride today, and talking to God about it all.