Grandma Wells had a “first” last night.  She experienced the place called heaven.  I’m sure there are reasons that we haven’t been told more about what its like.  Maybe part of the beauty for us here is our ability to imagine and wonder. I know I get a lot of satisfaction just wondering what it’s like. Grandma (Thelma Bell Fryers Wells) is there now…and I can’t help but wonder what it was like in those first moments…her seeing Grandpa again, having crystal clear thoughts, having no worries or pain.  This leaves me so happy for her. I’m sad for our loss, but so happy for her.

Grandma and Grandpa welcomed me into the family when I met David.  They  loved me and prayed for us daily. I will always be appreciative of their support in this life, appreciative that  they were grandparents I always dreamed of. You know when you feel safe with someone. You can’t always explain the “why”, but you know it in your heart. Grandma was a safe place. Every visit with grandma meant a helping hand as she always “pitched in” to get things done. She’d find the pile of unmatched socks and “go to town” getting them back together again.  We’d all request her to make her famous hamburgers.  Nobody, not even Bobby Flay could make burgers like these.  Of course there were”theories” on why they tasted so good, but no re-creations ever happened. She also made a famous and delicious green salad. It’s always on the menu if Grandma is near.

Grandma hasn’t had it easy since Grandpa left this earth and yet she somehow found a way to survive-emotionally, physically and spiritually.  Her mind started rebelling against her. Truthfully, we’ve mourned her struggle for  a while now.  Her daughters supported her through this difficult time, returning the love they’d been given for so many years.  They loved her when she was confused and angry. They showed us what it means to honor your parents. We will always have a sadness in our hearts just wishing we could make more memories with her.  I guess we’re all trying to focus on all of those firsts she’s experiencing and how great it must be.  As with many others, I celebrate her life and imagine what it might be like right now as she begins eternity…happy, carefree and probably laughing with Grandpa.