There are so many emotions wrapped up in the season of fall. The varied change of color on the trees and crisp feel in the air forewarns that the end of something is near.  It’s as if the earth needs a good cry sometimes, just like me.  The leaves accept the rest and fall like feather-tears to the ground. We mourn their loss but we also feel better that they let go…and danced as they fell.  We know it was supposed to happen.  It’s after the tree is bare that acceptance comes. It is then we embrace the change that happened and enjoy a moment walking down the long path between the trees, drinking in the color of the earths floor…letting it revive our souls.  Fall feels like a melancholy day, a cloudy mist over the mountain, a season of release.  It’s a part of who we are.

One thought on “Fall

  1. I used to feel very down when Fall started to show its face. The cloudy days, fallen leaves, bare trees, all of it, it all signaled a sort of doom for me for the next several months. On a visit with my sister we talked about this and she shared her view with me. She said that instead of me looking at it like everything was dying, that I should look at it like it’s going to sleep. We all need a rest, even the Earth. It will wake up soon and be ready to bloom! 😉


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