I saw a video this week during a Bible study (thank you Herbies Auto Sales). It was so thought-provoking. We looked closely at the encounter Jesus had with the woman at the well. Jesus defied the cultural norm even speaking to the woman. He asked so many questions.  I love that. Of course he already knew the answers, but he gently prodded her heart so she would reveal herself to herself.  Kind of weird that we need help with that. The Samaritans were known for mixing Judaism with paganism. They worshipped at a different location- a huge dividing spot for devout Jews looking to Jerusalem.  Jesus jumped this hurdle with ease because it wasn’t the real issue at all. Sound a little familiar? The real issue is Jesus, who He was, and what we do with that.

I picture this woman and wonder what it must have been like to hear Jesus purposely talk to her, an outcast; how she must have felt when she realized who He was? Overwhelmed? Awestruck? Humbled? Excited? Yes, Im sure she felt all of these because she was loved not just by a Jew, but by THE Messiah.  He told her who he was…and truth poured into her open heart. Love does that-opens hearts. Later in the John 4 passage, it says Jesus spent two days there.  He stayed and so many people believed. wow

Jesus encounters each of us, doesn’t he? It may be just like this story, where we’re overwhelmed on a “normal” day doing “normal” things. It may be like the rich young ruler, or the woman dying with disease…but He comes. He comes and loves, asks us questions, prods our thoughts, patiently explains truth. He stays long enough so we know it isn’t just a dream.

My encounter with Jesus was simple. I was a child and I saw the truth in His eyes as He smiled and told me who He was. I believed.  Thankfully, we all have an encounter, an opportunity to behold truth and take it in. I’m just relishing in that thought today.