In our Christmas Eve service, we took a closer look at the word Vulnerable.  In the few quiet minutes since then, this word keeps circling in my mind.  We talked about the vulnerability of Jesus coming as a baby. It’s beautiful really. Jesus gives first, always has. Vulnerability is so evident in our relationship with Christ, but what’s really neat is that it’s also seen in every meaningful relationship we have on this earth, mirroring Gods love. It’s absolutely necessary.  When “vulnerable” isn’t part of the equation, it isn’t as it should be.  It’s selfish, self-serving and not really loving at all. Vulnerability is imbedded in the fabric of real relationships.  It’s a risk-the risk of being rejected. That is humanly hard to handle. The beauty, of course, is acceptance, quite supernatural. This is the essence of the gospel, isn’t it? –Acceptance from the creator of you; His readiness to make you whole. complete. loving. giving. expecting nothing, but giving everything. When we mirror God, this is what we become. Vulnerable and beautiful.