Sad that even the phrase “True love” has become trite. Hard to explain, yet even harder to deny is the reality of those words. Though it’s mostly defined by meager attempts relating to our physical life, it can’t be defined by this at all. It’s so much more than that, isn’t it?.  Maybe that is the essence of our attempt to write poetry, music, and create art.  We are compelled to capture it, define it, clarify it.

Sometimes it’s so quiet that it’s overlooked. Isn’t that the how most treasured things in life appear? Quietly. It’s just that simple…and yet really that profound. True love gives without expectation of getting in return, but always long for connection. It is innocent and pure, selfless and honest, supportive and honoring. In some ways it can only be described as supernatural. There are no secrets with true love. It isn’t cloaked in ambiguous phrases, isn’t deflected by imaginary smoke screens. It just exists as it is, in all of its glory, proud and sure, confident and strong.  It has nothing to lose. True love lives beyond boundaries of distance and even lack of human touch. It lives and breathes as sure as its Maker.

Older than created time, it’s limitations aren’t known, maybe because we’ve yet to prove there are any. True, we hear the raw realities of this life-realities of loss and pain, rejection and disappointment, and a part of us says “see, it isn’t real”. “It’s conditional”…”True love is a myth, a fable, a false hope.” our own thoughts intimidate us into thinking that if we long for it, we are weak, thus making us more vulnerable and seem pitiful to those around us. Nothing could be farther from the truth because nothing lives in those thoughts of desolation.  No breaths can be taken there. We only suffocate there in the darkness, loss and skepticism. We’re forced to challenge our mind; a choice is made.  If we choose to come up for air, we feel it in all it’s beauty. As sure as the sun warms the horizon in morning, the other side of us begins to listen and feel the warmth it brings, the freshness of it’s air. We can’t help but crave the safe place it builds for us. We notice it. In it’s quiet strength we’re pulled like a current in the ocean. We can’t explain it, but we hear it in the heart of our soul, not just our body.

Because of the loss we gain perspective. The truth of our Creator and His gift of love to us brings a smile. In this moment, we know we were created to believe. There’s no denying it. It was/is His plan.