The Beach Craving.

It’s that time again- winter, 2/22/2012.  Ironically, it’s a very sunny day here in CO. It’s windy but picturesque; reminding me that spring and summer are anxiously waiting to show their faces. I can’t help but imagine myself on the shore of the beach, facing the waves, wondering, thinking, listening, feeling warm. There is something so soul-invigorating in this place. It’s like the wind and waves speak a language that I understand. I’m not the only one. You know who you are. There are other beach-cravers out there. The vastness invigorates and inspires you. You leave exhausted in body, but refreshed in spirit. You long to sing, write, paint about it…somehow trying to re-live the moment here. You don’t mind cleaning out sand, feeling salty and windblown. As a matter of fact, the wind is vital. It blows the cobwebs out of our soul. It brings a freshness and perspective..and of course, a little hope.  There is such mystery yet comfort here. A walk will always bring surprises and yet also a constancy as the waves rhythmically enter and exit at your feet. The birds will sing, but there will be a surprise in their song and flight. Maybe a boat will enter the horizon. Maybe a wandering soul will find peace.