There’s no going back to what might have been, no re-living years again

But the past holds a promise, if I dare to see, that I am different now, a better me

Why is this so hard to see?

I still live daily,with a wound in my chest, moving forward as if it doesn’t exist

“Life can’t continue”, I’m tempted to say, but living is proof, life can work this way

I wish I could always remember the day

When forgiveness came and soothed my wound, washing me with words of truth

But I’m left with a pile of pesky regrets, like baggage and weight- so hard to forget

They hang like a noose around my neck

Then an idea comes, because it’s so cold, I need a fire to warm my soul

I place the regrets in a pretty pile, strike the match and begin to smile

I haven’t felt this for awhile

Two feet away, lit by this flame, the path less taken sings a refrain

At first so quiet, soft and sweet, then swelling in song as it claims my feet

This is where I was meant to be

The path was more than a journey’s end, it led me to my faithful friend

My friend,the maker, saw my shame and carved this path before I had a name

My heart has softened to His claim

He said he knew me even then, knew my regrets and where they would end

He gave me the cold…

so I would seek the flame…

that would light the path…

to bring me home again