Remembering the time when putting our Christmas tree up meant making new terrain forJordan Thompson‘s little army guys to invade…another place to sit and use his imagination. I’d find them all in the tree. Bethany Shipley, book in hand, was playing with dolls or more likely being a teacher for the dolls and still mothering little sister so sweetly.Jake Thompson was whistling and singing, right on the heels of big brother, and in his next breath articulating with great expression his ideas to Jordan. Joshua Thompson has all of his beany animals strewn on the floor deep in conversation with each one, the favorite, named Turbo, in hand…lost in a perfect little world. Brooke Thompson was chatting so cute, unable to say her R’s and begging for more “owange juice and gwits”. There I am, so busy. Hopefully I’ll slow down long enough to paint this picture in my mind because Time grew wings like the bird and soared. 
I’m not pining over the past, but I am recognizing that today is tomorrows memory maker.