Winter morning, still in darkness with light beginning to sneak onto the horizon, he turns and says “baby, did you sleep?”  I answer, “well I was up with Brooke. She was so sick in the night.  You got up with her that last time, did it pass?” “Yes”, he said and rolled my way.  Thigh to thigh we nestle close and he puts his arm over me and finds my hand and curls his hand around mine. Though the night was rough, this seems the way to begin the day, with deep breaths, each of us exhaling and inhaling the other’s. This is the first of many exchanges of the day, each of us becoming stronger, better, more equipped for the day than we would be alone.  Somehow the hidden strengths, the ones we aren’t sure even exist, find their way to the surface and run the roads through our veins and into each other like connected roads.  Yes, this is the beautiful energy of marriage.