The haunting question pelted him in the stillness of the night,
“What are you afraid of?” and again and again,  “What are you afraid of?”
Sleep was his enemy as his big mind reeled but couldn’t find the truth
Morning came and off with the posse he rode-
Men wearing crosses riding innocent horses, spewing hate-filled words
Pride their cloak as they sang their mantra-“PROTECT all that was theirs!”
Dark and dark joined their forces and all that was white turned red
“Noble” and “just” the deeds were stamped, then buried with the dead
But in the dark, truth still gave life and breathed a breath 
for dirt cannot withhold the hope from needy blood stained earth
Religions, powers, kingdoms and codes always fear the same
They fear to lose that which they think they claim
“There is another way to live”, a child calls to the strong
“Jesus said we can be free and he will right our wrongs”
A scornful look tossed to the child, but she did not accept
She wandered closer to the grave, picking flowers as she went.