The summer sun melted behind the mountain. My eyes were fixed upon the spot.  I couldn’t look away; not just yet. The ground still emanated the gift of warmth from the suns rays; savoring it like a well worn letter from a lover. It seems that though the days are longer, we aren’t quite ready to let go.  Some would call this miserly, while others deem it is wise to savor every drop. I’m inclined to believe the latter. The summer night brings it’s own orchestration as children’s voices laugh long and their bare feet run recklessly through the grasses.  Innocence is alive a little longer. The earth likes to be needed and turns a little greener to catch the eyes of those passing by. The sky bursts with creativity as a peachy warm glow hangs in the gallery, staying long after the sun has whispered “good night”.  Even saddened faces change with the beauty of silhouettes and dreams and I imagine after the walk amidst the glow, the faces lose their sadness.  Long sighs of rest become commonplace.  It is the gift the we get to hold close for a moment, as we faintly hear the ticking clock of seasons, the timing of winter, a reality that will reappear.  Like a good memory, it will mean more to us when it is gone.  Somewhere in the back of our minds we know this truth on a Summer night.