Parenting Reality

It’s curious to me that parenting is as much about the parents’ growth as it is the child’s.   I never imagined that I could “stretch so much”.  I guess I mean that literally and figuratively. There’s a deep connection, once started, that’s not only never lost, but unable to be severed.  The relationship can…

The Journey of Grief

I think I should say up front that I am not an expert on grieving.  This is a fictional story, but in my heart it was a reminder that we are all interconnected. We each have a part to play in the lives of each other.  We carry burdens, love, laugh and cry in seasons….

Rainy Days and Mondays

In a summer storm a few weeks ago, my little car was parked by my little boy at his work. (ok, well he’s not so little, but still my youngest baby boy). Anyway, during that storm, my car was, well…pummeled…very hard, with golf ball size hail, which left rather large holes in my convertible top….