In a summer storm a few weeks ago, my little car was parked by my little boy at his work. (ok, well he’s not so little, but still my youngest baby boy). Anyway, during that storm, my car was, well…pummeled…very hard, with golf ball size hail, which left rather large holes in my convertible top.  Crazy, crazy…Fast forward to last night.  I was excited to see that we would have cooler temps.  I felt ready for the new season. I had just finished talking to a mechanic who was getting an estimate for fixing my hole-y car, when I realized that rain was coming.  Really coming.  An hour later, torrential rain was flooding the streets.  It rained long and hard last night. Josh, my little baby boy, had driven the car to work again.  (Lots of things happen to my car in that parking lot, but there was not a lot I could do.) He came in after his shift, and I was already sleeping.  This morning I was getting ready for work, hurrying to make it out the door.  I got to my car and what did I see? Drenched seats, console…water standing in the cup holders.  I felt like a friend had been bullied.  My poor baby car.  My nice husband had a grand idea and got the “camping mat” out of the shed and put it on my seat so I could arrive to work without a soggy bottom.  What I sight I was with my car top down (airing out), but windows up with a dripping interior all over me as I tried to drive.  With every turn, a new release of water would filter over and come my way. plop. drip. drizzle.  “Nice” (said with much sarcasm). I was a mess.  If that wasn’t enough, I stopped at the light and looked out my left window only to discover the biggest bug EVER, peering at me through the glass.  We were “eyeball to eyeball”.  I gasped momentarily, trying to keep clam, thinking that since my top was down, it only had to crawl a few inches to be on my side; inside with me. Panic, panic, panic. What to do?  The light turned green, so I had to drive but as I did I banged the window as hard as I could while turning the corner. I think I saw people sneering at me as they laughed and pointed, relishing in the hilarity of my dilemma. I think I probably scared and scarred everyone within sight distance.  I’m sure people were moving into other lanes to avoid me, for good reason. The good news is that the bug flew. My crazy bang scared even him.  So I made it to work, dripping and windblown, but I made it.  Sometimes you just have to laugh.  It was *kind of* funny.

Aug car rip_3717